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"Consider the thought experiment ‘Floating Man’, by 11th Century Persian philosopher and polymath Avicenna, who asked if someone suspended in air, cut off from all external sensory experience, could possibly be aware of his own existence. 


Reminiscent of the popular 17th century philosopher Descartes’ famous ‘Brian in a Vat’ thought-experiment or the arguably more popular film ‘The Matrix’, which present that our brains are capable of a complete illusion of the external world, including all bodily sensations, this seems an insolvable metaphysical conundrum, except children when posed this experiment at schools, often insist they KNOW their internal heartbeat..."

Rhythms of the Heart



Inspired by everyday life and informed by specialist research, Rhythms of the Heart aimed to celebrate both emotions and intellect through performance spanning theatre, music, dance, spoken word, circus, all navigated by multi-media interactive talks from experts. 


Rhythms of the Heart was commissioned by the British Science Association, and took place during the British Science Week (20th & 21st, Mar). It was a unique performance where performing artists, scientists and philosophers took inspiration from each other and offered different insights into ‘Heart, Emotions and Rhythms’

Get a glimpse of Rhythms of the Heart...



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