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Jugular does not believe in traditional pen-and-paper classroom methods. Instead we combine science and other academic topics with theatre-based activites for kinaesthetic embodied learning. It is a two-way learning process with students leading their own learning through playful creativity and relating topics to everyday life.



To see how we do this, view some of the workshops we have done for ages 14- 18 where we focused on topics across the natural sciences (biology, physics, chemistry), environmental sciences, psychology and history, and teamed up with specialists in the field to create a platform for in-depth learning and a 360° experience for a feeling of community.

(what we believe in)

Teacher & student feedback

"It was seeing drama and science come together… it’s something that I will go back to bring more into their lessons… I think bringing together other skills that they wouldn’t necessarily associate using in a science classroom, with science, it’s something that they really enjoyed and worked really, really well." 

"When you think about physics, you don’t really think about the heart coming into physics, or animals, because that’s normally biology-based. And now you come in, and you think about physics ‘wider’."


Contact us at to book existing workshops,

or if you're thinking of developing new workshops with Jugular!


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