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“A most relaxing, fun experience. You were taking us through all of the different ways of being creative. I couldn’t tell what you were pulling out of me, and yet things came out… It’s planting some seeds of thoughts in my mind, and it has certainly helped me to understand how to be more creative.” 

“I kept coming up with ideas, as though I’ve been bombarded with different possibilities and different ideas. And that’s very exciting… I had a really good time, and really feel like I’ve exercised my mind.”

It actually lifted me out of thinking for a while… I mean, first of all, it gave me a headache because there was so much thinking to be done around the [exercise]. But then after that, with the [exercise], I thought that was really great because I stopped thinking in the end, and just got into going with the flow.” 

"I’ve had a brilliant time, it’s helped me think about the things I’d like to address in relation to my mindset, and how I operate in life. I definitely want to do it again… I enjoyed the incorporation of science aspects with arts, and helping somebody express themselves in a way that can make them function better in society, and feel better as a person.”

"You didn't stick to sterotype ideas of creativity, even though the drama was in there, you didn't just stick to that. You had the logic puzzles that people could work out, and you also did different modes of learning... 


It was very nice to learn in such embodied way as well, so we were moving and acting out the ideas. Also the other thing that stood out is how engaged everyone in the room was, how really focused they were on what we were doing."


Creativity Workshops




Join founder/artistic director of "Jugular: Joining The Head and the Heart", Dr Shama Rahman, as she demystifies the science of creativity and how we can access it for ourselves through simple embodied storytelling techniques. Learn about the main stages of the creative process by getting creativity off the page, on its feet and relating it to your daily and professional life. Expect lateral thinking, problem-solving, improvisation, and a lot of fun!


Jugular's creativity workshops have been delivered at Hyundai, GenslerBritish Science Festival and Digital Shoreditch (suitable for all ages from 9-90)! 

Suitable for 'company values'/ 'team-bonding' days  -

get in touch if you're a team leader!

Facilitated ideation sessions and digital tools to stimulate creativity are available for start-ups, design consultancies, and innovation and creative agencies.

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