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An interdisciplinary 6th Form Symposium curation of talks, storytelling, food and gene technique workshops by Jugular's Artistic Director Dr Shama Rahman, on the Wellcome's exhibition exploring the intersection of Art and Science, called 'Somewhere In Between'. Students from different state schools enjoyed an interactive and participatory day which teachers deemed a great success. 

Symposium Description:

Suitable for post-16 students studying biology, this interdisciplinary day will explore the topic of genetic manipulation in relation to agriculture and the implications this has for the food that we eat. The day will be made up of expert talks, a gallery visit and facilitated activities, as well as creative workshops and debates. All sessions will be led by academics and creative professionals, providing students with a unique enrichment opportunity. The symposium will encourage students to develop their understanding of the complex inter-relations between genetic inheritance and what we eat by exploring the wider social and cultural contexts of gene technologies past and present. They will also gain greater insight into how art can be an integral lens through which to explore these complexities and how it can in turn inform scientific practice. This event is based around ‘Sire’, a collaboration between visual artist Maria McKinney, geneticist David MacHugh & Professor Michael Doherty, Head of Veterinary Clinical Studies at UCD. This artwork is one of four collaborations between artists and scientists that make up our exhibition ‘Somewhere in Between’.
The symposium will provide routes for students to delve into modern agricultural processes and the
genetic knowledge with which we are navigating our food production.


credit: Wellcome

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Wellcome Collection Symposium

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