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[Oct 7th] 3D Printing: What Would You Print and Why?

Mustafa Raee 

From iMakr store - the world's largest 3D printing store & leading retailer of all things 3D printed.

Dr. Muhanad Hatamleh 

Senior maxillofacial prosthetist at King's College Hospital, who uses 3D printer technology for pre-operative planning.

Lionel T. Dean 

Product artist and creative director of FutureFactories. His recent work involves 3D printing 18 carat gold as part of the project 'Precious', which aims to modernize the UK jewellery industry. 

Susana Soares & Andrew Forkes

Susana is a designer and lecturer at the Department of Design at Brunel University London; Andrew is a senior lecturer at the Dept. of Engineering & Design at London South Bank University. Their project 'Insects au gratin' looks for new ways of consuming insect by 3D printing them into appetizing, bite-size munchies.

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