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[Nov 4th] Sustainability: What Does It Mean to You? 


Dr Emma Barrett

Co-Author of book “Extreme: Why some people thrive at the limits”; she has spoken at NESTA’s FutureFest on the subject of ‘The Future of Intense Thrills’. She was awarded OBE in 2010, partly in recognition of her work in public engagement. She is also an Honorary Researcher at the Department of Psychology at Lancaster University.

Dr Allen Abramson

Senior Lecturer at Department of Social Anthropology, UCL. He is primarily interested in ethnography of extreme performance, and contradictions and transformations within cultures. He is co-editor of the book ‘ Land, Law and Value: Mythical Lands, Legal Boundaries’.

Professor Richard Templer

Director of Innovation at Grantham Institute, Imperial College London. He is interested in driving innovation that combats the causes and effects of climate change. Before joining Grantham Institute, he led the UK-arm of Climate Knowledge Innovation Community – EU’s largest climate innovation initiative – through which he has co-developed what became the world’s leading Cleantech Accelerator.

Dr Emma Terama

From UCL’s Institute of Sustainable Resources; her research interest is in population, environment and science-policies. She is also a senior researcher at the Finnish Environment Institute, SYKE. Previously chair of the Helsinki volunteers, she has over 10 years of experience working with Finnish UNICEF headquarters.

Joana Casaca Lemos 
A designer, communicator and freelancer; she is currently undertaking her PhD research at Central Saint Martins, where she explores the role of communication design as catalyst for participation in initiatives that foster sustainability. 

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