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[Nov 3rd] Teaching Education: 'One size fits all' or 'Made to Order'? (Special Edition)


Kenneth Cukier

Kenneth Cukier is the Data Editor of The Economist and co­author of "Learning with Big Data: The Future of Education," as well as the book “Big Data,” a NYT Bestseller that was translated into over 20 languages.

Victoria Gould

Victoria studied at Manchester and Cranfield Universities, and has a BSc in Physics and an MSc in Applicable Mathematics. She also studied at L’Ecole Jacque Lecoq’s Laboratoire Etude Movement (LEM). She has taught mathematics in a wide variety of contexts, and also works extensively as an actor and theatre maker, predominantly for Complicite.

Toby Young

Toby Young is the chief executive of the West London Free School Academy Trust and the editor of Spectator Life. His books include How to Lose Friends & Alienate People, How to Set Up a Free School and What Every Parent Needs to Know. He is a Fulbright Commissioner and a visiting fellow of the University of Buckingham.

Dr Emma Terama

From UCL’s Institute of Sustainable Resources; her research interest is in population,environment and science­policies. She is also a senior researcher at the Finnish Environment Institute, SYKE. Previously chair of the Helsinki volunteers, she has over 10 years of experience working with Finnish UNICEF headquarters.

Sue Webb

Sue Webb is an Associate of Values­based Education and an Independent Education Consultant. Until very recently, Sue was a headteacher of a large, ‘Outstanding’ primary school in Buckinghamshire, Sue is passionate about ensuring that every child is given the opportunity at school to shine and succeed in at least one aspect of their life.

Daniel Glaser

Daniel joined King’s College London in May 2013. He is leading on the development of Science Gallery London, a major new space for innovation and public engagement through culture, and developing projects and partnerships that explore the creative interface between science, health and the arts.

Fran Russell
A designer, communicator and freelancer; she is currently undertaking her PhD research at Central Saint Martins, where she explores the role of communication design as catalyst for participation in initiatives that foster sustainability. 

Ralph Scott

Ralph Scott is Head of Citizenship and Political Participation at the London­based think­tank Demos, with research interests in education policy, character, citizenship, social integration, political representation and community ownership.

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