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[Jan 6th] Science of Wellbeing: Fact or Fad?


Dr Erman Misirlisoy
Cognitive Neuroscientist from UCL and currently working with 'Peak' a brain training app which focuses on improving wellbeing with gaming.

Dr Elena Antonova
Programme Leader in the new MSc Mindfulness: Neuroscience and Clinical Applications at the Institue of Psychiatry, Kings College London.

Dr Brendan Birchall
Cambridge university fellow of the Wellbeing Institute researching labour market experiences on psychological well-being.

Dr Penelope Mason
Oxford University cutting-edge researcher in the prevention of ageing through nutrition and metabolism.

Rachel Rayner

Crafter and blogger, who used to work in health tech; she has been playing with yarn for five years, and believes knitting and crochet can play a part in supporting health and wellness.

Dr Christine Doddington
Philosopher at Cambridge university in the practical application of Deweyan and Aristotelian notions of 'somasthetics' as related to the experience of Wellbeing: using all of our senses for an enhanced appreciation and awareness of our body within nature.

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