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[Feb 3rd] Privacy, Protection, Publicity: Does Your Freedom Have Boundaries?


Ian Hutchinson

Partner at creative company IF; their project "Data Licenses" have been featured during Digital Design Week and now being shown at "Big Bang Data" (exhibition at Somerset House). 

Mark Farid 

Multimedia conceptual artist concerned with the autonomy and identity of the individual via the state and institutions through its relationship with the media.

Emrys Schoemaker

Serial entrepreneur and consultant specifically interested in communication technologies; he is currently undertaking a PhD project at LSE researching use of mobile internet and social media in conflict affected communities. 

Dr Andrew McStay

Director of the Media and Persuasive Communication (MPC) network at Bangor Univeristy; author of several books, his most recent one being "Privacy and Philosophy: New Media and Affective Protocol".

Matt Voigts

Digital Anthropology graduate from UCL; he is currently studying for a PhD at University of Nottingham, applying theoretical conceptions of privacy to refugees' use of social media.

Ghislaine Boddington

Director of 'Women Shift Digital' and 'Body>Data>Space', focusing on the weave of the live body in digital interaction; she is also the co-curator of FutureFest 2016.

Laura Kalbag  

A cross-disciplinary designer, activist, advocate working at, creating social technology that respects human rights.

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