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What would happen if “healthy” humans underwent cognitive enhancement with the advance of nanotechnology, genetic modification and pharmacology currently being used on neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s?


Part of the Crawley STEMfest in 2013, NEAR looks at the advent of Transhumans through the eyes of one family where such treatment has taken place. The audience is led through a series of short talks given by real scientists, whilst joining the family as their drama unfolds.



“It was fantastic. Really, really entertaining… The direction of the travel of the play, being interspersed by the lectures, actually brought the topics that were in the play to live, and made you understand better.”  

“I haven’t seen that marriage of covering the emotional stories of the family, mixed with proper scientific lecture, and then looking at the way the lectures then fed into the scenes. It was fascinating… Also, the lectures are quite easy to follow, so then that’s quite nice because then you can transfer it into the lives of the characters.”



Experiment 3: NEAR

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