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Jugular Productions


An interdisciplinary 6th form Symposium curation of talks, storytelling, food and gene technique workshops by Jugular's Artistic Director Dr Shama Rahman, on the Wellcome's exhibition exploring the intersection of Art and Science, called 'Somewhere In Between'.

At NeuroCreate we use AI to enhance human cognition and augment work processes - rather than replace the human mind.  Within the AI debate we firmly believe in creating a positive and symbiotic relationship with technology which enables us to be more productive, creative and mentally flexible.

Peak performance is not just for highly trained elites, but  is within reach for all of us, and by using NeuroCreate’s technology, we can help you attain 'Flow'. This unique enhanced mental state helps improve creative efficiency and wellbeing, allowing you to overcome challenges at work. Our technology democratises peak work processes and thought frameworks to make them accessible for all. 


We can offer in-person facilitation of ideation sessions using NeuroCreate’s technology as well as productivity methodologies.

A cross-disciplinary salon that encourages the creative dialogue between science, art, technology, ethics and politics. 

One mans quest to engage with clever scientific, philosophical and cultural concepts of Time to extend his life and outwit death, think Constellations (Nick Payne) or Awakenings (Oliver Sacks), but about the nature of Time and its Rhythms.

What does BEING HUMAN mean? Alessandro is in a hurry to find out. He tries to squeeze every second out of life and make the most of the time he has, in scientific, creative and mind-bending ways. He delves into the human condition, experimenting with complex theories of Time to navigate his notions of mortality and forever. This is a beautiful and hopeful commentary on modern culture and its relationship to time. On his journey Alessandro considers the meaning of life to question how do we stretch out Time? Carpe Diem.

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